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Sports Specific Deep Tissue Massage

As part of a training strategy for any sport, both stretching and massage should play an integral part.  To function effectively, muscles need to retain length and the ability to contract maximally, and appropriate warm ups before exercise, and massage / stretching post exercise are an athletes best tools to […]

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Golf Swing and Deep Tissue Massage II

Probably the most common cause of a poor swing occurs where the lower back is unable to rotate freely, leading to poor upswing and down swing. To rotate the lower spine needs to be aligned well and free to move.  By aligned, we mean that the spine needs to be […]

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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is in reality a very unstable, delicate structure as compared to say a hip joint. The video below shows the structures and potential injuries it can sustain. Needless to say, muscles that are warm, flexible and elastic, and able to function smoothly with one another are much less […]

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