Deep Tissue Massage on the legs may fix back and neck pain!

Short, contracted muscles just don’t function well. Muscles that stay tense for long periods of time, whether from sitting all day, constantly holding a phone between your ear and shoulder, or wearing high heels daily, tend to end up in a state of chronic contraction.

Shortened locked up muscles prevent free motion of the body, pull on the fascia and bones changing our posture and cause a cascade of muscle compensations, pain, and secondary contracted muscles throughout the body. When giving a massage, the therapists at Bangkok Deep Tissue Massage always start on the legs, even if the pain is in your neck.


Chronic neck pain almost always is related to other tension along the spine, through the buttocks and in the legs. Most often we don’t feel any of this, just the neck pain.  To unwind the neck pain, we have to unwind the tension from the bottom up.

As an example, one can easily see how the natural alignment of the calves and the flexors in the front of the legs are changed by wearing high heeled shoes (no matter how great they look)!  By giving you extra inches, it also teaches your calf muscles to contract more fully than normal to take up the extra space.  Without it, you’d have difficulty balancing.  The forces also change the way your quadriceps and and lower back function, leading to back pain.  Wear heels enough the the contractions become chronic.

Next time you start to feel tight in the shoulders and neck, and you can’t touch your toes without pain, come and see us for a professional massage, that will help soften and lengthen all the muscles involved, including the legs!

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