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Benefits | Bangkok Deep Tissue Massage


What are the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

When muscles are contracted, they are less able to accept blood flow, leading to poor oxygenation, and poor delivery of nutrients.  This leads to under-functioning of the tight muscle, and over-functioning of other muscles to compensate.  The end result is complete imbalance in the musculoskeletal system, chronic pain and a greater risk of injury from even everyday activities.

A deep-tissue massage helps to bring blood back to contracted muscles, re-oxygenating them and brining in needed nutrients and taking away metabolic waste.  As the muscle receives fresh blood, deep tissue techniques helps the fibres to loosen, through stretching and compressing the muscle body and ligaments, as well as by breaking up the myfascial (connective tissues that holds the body together) glue that prevents muscles from sliding past each other properly.

During a massage a therapist can literally see the muscle turn from a block of wood into  a softer, pliable muscle with freedom to move.

All massages help you to relax, move metabolic waste from the tissues back to the liver, to improve circulation and to even lower blood pressure.

The distinctive benefit from a Deep Tissue Massage is unrestricted freedom of movement for your body.  Combined with exercise, stretching or yoga, a regular Deep Tissue Massage can help you to achieve a pain free life.