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Self Care | Bangkok Deep Tissue Massage

Self Care

What can I do for myself?

Stretch.   Most problems occur from inadequate stretching – whether you are an athlete or even more so with people who are sedentary.   A stretch routine or Yoga will do a lot to keep your body supple.

Drink water.  Muscles are the major reservoir of water.  If your water intake is inadequate, your muscles are certainly going to be tight, and prone to stiffness and causing you pain.

Exercise.  Regular exercise actually helps your muscles relax.  The contraction and relaxation pumps blood and lymphatic fluid back to the heart preventing metabolic waste buildup in tissues.   However, whole body exercise is much better than just shuffling around the park, and proper warm up, and cool down along with stretching is essential. If you need exercise guidance, we recommend the Aspire Club at Sukhumvit.

De-stress.  Stress causes a cascade of hormones that causes chronic muscle contraction.  This is hard wired into the deepest parts of your brain and requires effort to turn off.  If you have chronic stress try counselling or meditation to help your brain re-wire itself into a calmer state.